What We do

At Jesus Christ the Lord Orphans Care Ministry,  we believe in a Hope that is ever inclusive and ever wholistic.  So we’ve come up with what we call our 5 pillars of Hope.

  1. Spiritual Hope: Teaching and demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ 
  2. Emotional Hope: Creating an environment and platform for each child to feel loved.
  3. Physical Hope: Providing meals, uniforms, shoes, and all the items required for a child.
  4. Educational Hope: Providing an affordable and Christ-centered education
  5. Financial Hope: Helping our adult children and community learn the value of stewardship.

We believe each one of these pillars is crucial, and if any of them is left out, wholistic Hope crumbles.

For $20 per/month, you can provide wholistic hope for one of these children.  Obviously, your monthly gift can’t possibly cover 100% of the needs (listed below) of each child, but with the help of our supporting friends, and other individual supporters, this is what your monthly gift will help accomplish:

 -Tuition (Full-time jobs and allowances for our more than 20+ Ugandan Teachers and Staff Members) 

-3 Nutritious Meals per/day

– water

-Clothing for your Child

-School supplies and Backpack

-Emotional and Spiritual support


-Real Hope in a hopeless community

-Utilities for the  Jesus Christ is the Lord Orphans Care Ministry Academy Campus.

-And everything else it takes to run a school in a third world!